Mozio Announce Zero A Zero Emission ground transfer platform for the travel industry

A full scale transfer platform with electric vehicles in over 100 cities and with build in carbon emission offset to make sure your next business trip or vacation is green and fully climate compensated. What's not to love?

Mozio is today welcoming a new product into its portfolio. Zero by Mozio. A zero-emission transfer platform for the travel industry. The platform is meant to support both the leisure and corporate industry by providing a fully climate compensated transfer platform with a large fleet of electric cars worldwide.

Zero is currently available in over 100+ cities and is currently being incorporated into a range of partners including Hertz´s pre-booked transfer service “Hertz DriveU” and offered to selected business partners in Europe.

Zero in short

  1. Electric vehicles

    A fully electric and carbon neutral transfer platform available through WL or API.

  2. Global coverage

    Coverage in over 100+ cities worldwide and 250+ in the end of the year.

  3. Carbon Offset included

    Ability to offset carbon emissions for all ground travel within an organisation

  4. Budget and Premium options

    Take a luxury Tesla or a cheaper Nissan Leaf in London. A wide range of options for all wallets

About Mozio: Mozio partners with travel, mapping, and transportation companies to make rideshare, taxis, limos, shuttles, buses, and trains bookable through every channel. Mozio is one of the leaders in ground travel today and partner some of the most influential brands in the travel industry including, Amex GBT, Hertz, Agoda and Despegar.

New Green Category Vehicles, all 100% electric

With this launch Mozio is aiming to make a bigger commitment and push towards sustainable travel and hope that this new platform will make it easier for customers to book a transfer service that is better for the environment. Ground travel emissions is often an overlooked yet important challenge for many companies who typically fight with strict carbon reducing goals.

We hope that Zero can help to make the whole process easier and more transparent by providing one transfer platform, an overview of carbon emissions and an easy way to offset those altogether, says Emil CCO for Mozio.

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