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While Sharm El-Sheikhs and hotels area of Sharm El-Sheik is not far from its airport, getting there is not as simple as you would think with limited options available. This is probably why most hotels include a shuttle service. Taxi rides start at $20.

Sharm El-Sheikh Key Information

Sharm el-Sheikh is the city of adventures. It lies between the desert of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea. The closest Airport is Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (SSH). The nearest hotel is approximately 15 minutes away from the airport and the farthest is about an hour and a half.

The tricky part

The tricky part about relying on taxi rides (from and to the airport or between hotels and places for daily activities), is that the prices given by the local drivers are not standard. Can be overrated, and subject to change by the end of the trip. The reason for this is that there are not a lot of taxis in Sharm and the ones available don't have meters. Booking your ride through a prepaid service or the hotel shuttle bus guarantees your safety and also the reliability of the cost (No sudden rate increase by the end of the ride)

Getting to Sharm El-Sheikh

To get to your hotel you will need to either make previous arrangements with the hotel to send you their shuttle bus (can be with an extra charge or for free), use a Prepaid Private service (such as Mozio), or bargain with the taxis available outside of the airport.

For private sedan cars and vans, Mozio has trusted providers, such as, Travel Trend Egypt, My Sharm Adventure, Red Sea Transfer LLC and Book Taxi Group.

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Map from Sharm El-Sheikh Airport to Sharm El-Sheikh

The Frugal Option

From and to the airport: take the hotel shuttle bus. This can be tricky as it will be a shared ride if it was offered for free. However, if it was a paid service, it can be a private ride according to the Hotel's van availability.

From one hotel to another (within Sharm El Sheikh): The local drivers, this can be arranged at the daily activity booth within the hotel. The cars are not fancy at all, but it is the cheapest way.

From Sharm el-Sheikh to Taba, Dahab, Nuweiba or Saint Catherine: East Delta Buses will be the cheapest. You will need to get to their bus stop from the hotel or from the airport by taxi (it will cost around $20 or more).

  • East Delta Bus stop is about 30 Km or 20 mins away from Sharm el-sheikh airport.
  • From Sharm to Dahab (100Km) or Nuweiba (170 Km) the price will be around ($20).
  • Sharm to Saint Catherine (220 Km) or Taba (223 Km), the price will be around ($25).

From the hotel to a specific beach (Excursions & Activities): The hotel Shuttle bus.

Rides to Sharm El-Sheikh starting at $10

Private Transfer Options

Resort Hotels in Sharm El-Sheik

There is no Uber service in Sharm el-Sheikh. Buses are available from Cairo (and other Cities) to Sharm el-Sheikh and back (can cost up to $40 for a one-way trip). East Delta shared-ride Buses can be your way to move from Sharm el-Sheikh to the cities around it (can cost up to $20 for a one-way trip).

The middle ground option to move from Sharm el-Sheikh international airport to your hotel, or from your hotel within Sharm to another outside of Sharm bay areas, will be to book a prepaid private car or van to help you move smoothly and without any surprise price increase during the ride. This particularly happens while taking the local taxis. However, moving from your hotel for sightseeing and back is best to be done through the activity booths inside your hotel, they will guarantee a lovely sightseeing program with the transportation included.

Private Transfers starting at $10

The Mozio Recommendation

If you're going to any of the cities near Sharm el-sheikh like Dahab, Nuweiba, Taba or Saint Catherine we recommend you take the East Delta bus if you are on a budget, and spring for a private ride on Mozio for such trips or for airport transfers only if you aren't and it will be much more comfortable and unforgettable.

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Moving AROUND Sharm El-Sheikh

Sunset Reflections Sharm El-Sheikh

For sightseeing (like visiting Ras Mohamed, diving, snorkelling or booking an activity program through your visit) it will be best to arrange this with the hotel activity booth directly. They will ensure your transportation and a satisfactory program throughout your visit.

The Frugal Option

All the beaches in Sharm el-Sheikh are delightful. If you are on a budget, you can relax and enjoy the sun and warm water in your hotel's private beach. If your resort doesn't have a private beach, they always offer a shuttle bus that can take you to the nearest beach (or beaches) free of charge. You can also narrow down the places that you want to visit within Sharm el-sheikh. Ras Mohammed National Park is the most highly recommended and you can add a visit to Tiran Island within your package for a $100.

90% of the hotels have their private shuttle bus. Among all the transportation methods, arranging with your hotel to pick you up from the airport and the booths within the hotel are the best point of contact to organize package trips within Sharm including the transportation.

Beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh

Are Rideshare & TaxiApps Readily Available In This Resort?

  • Uber


    Not Available
  • Lyft


    Not Available
  • Cabify


    Not Available
  • Bolt


    Not Available
  • Grab


    Not Available
  • FreeNow


    Not Available
  • GoJek


    Not Available
  • Didi


    Not Available

Car Rental Options

There are several options for car rentals where Sixt is the only well known agency but also,, and can be used in the area.There is plenty of space around the hotel, usually, the parking is for free. A copy of your passport, a copy of the driver's licence, and a copy of the hotel booking or the rental apartment's contract will be required in order to rent.

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Day Trips Around Sharm El-Sheikh

White Island and Ras Mohammed National Park

A protected area and nature reserve. contains numerous kinds of rare fish and corals. Will cost around $70 per person.

Find Rides from Sharm El-Sheikh to White Island and Ras Mohammed National Park
White Island and Ras Mohammed National Park

Thistlegorm Dive Site

Generally classified as one of the best dives in the entire world. It’s a shipwreck from World War Two, located in the north of the Red Sea in the Strait of Gubal. Will cost around $90 per person.

Find Rides from Sharm El-Sheikh to Thistlegorm Dive Site
Thistlegorm Dive Site

Yolanda Reef Dive Site

Awesome diving location, you will see a lot of corals, fish and turtles and also parts of the freighter Yolanda, which struck the reef and gave it its name. Will cost around $50 per person.

Find Rides from Sharm El-Sheikh to Yolanda Reef Dive Site
Yolanda Reef Dive Site

Mount Sinai and Saint Catherine's Monastery

If you are a fan of hiking, challenge and adventure, this is the place to go. The area has over 4 summits to reach, historical sightseeing, hot springs, Bedouin villages, and most importantly the holy track of prophet Moses will cost around ($80) per person.

Find Rides from Sharm El-Sheikh to Mount Sinai and Saint Catherine's Monastery
Mount Sinai and Saint Catherine's Monastery

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