Getting to Malaga, Spain

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Located in the south of Spain, its Costa del Sol region, Malaga is a port city known for its high-rise hotels and resorts jutting up from yellow-sand beaches. Public transportation is very well developed at this resort with a well expanded network offering bus tickets from $3.55 and trains from $2.13. Trains connect it to the rest of Spain with fares starting at $24. Accesible from Morroco by ferry from $40. Malaga Airport - Costa del Sol Transfers start at $21.

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Malaga Key Information

Malaga is considered one of Spain’s hidden gems that should definitely be on your must-visit list, with its rich history, mesmerizing architecture and food culture that will get you addicted to this destination. Looming over the city's modern skyline are the 2 massive hilltop citadels, the Alcazaba and ruined Gibralfaro, remnants of Moorish rule. The city's soaring Renaissance cathedral is nicknamed La Manquita ("one-armed lady") because one of its towers was curiously left unbuilt.

Although Malaga is very safe to visit, it important to always keep your guard up as no country in the world is crime-free. Some areas, in particular, are more dangerous than others and should be avoided including the Barrio Palma and the Barrio Palmilla, located north of the La Rosaleda futbol stadium.

Both cards and cash are accepted in Malaga, however, if you are planning on taking the public transportation, it is important that you have cash ready in order to pay for your ticket at the station for the train or either in the station onboard for bus trips.

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The tricky part

Although it seems that some places are within walking distance, bear in mind that moving between cities requires a type of transportation including trains, buses or even bicycles depending on the distance.

One other issue that can cause a confusing for first-time travelers is the fact that both the province and the city are named Malaga, so it is important to make sure whether you are planning to visit the province and enjoy the wonders of the Costa del Sur area, or you are visiting the city of Malaga. So carefully plan your itinerary and select the right travel plan in order to avoid any type of confusion.

Hopping over the Language Barrier

Although younger generations and tourist-friendly accommodations speak English, Spanish remains the dominant language in Malaga, which makes it very important to learn a bit the language in order to be able to enjoy a smooth trip and use public transportation and other facilities comfortably.

It is very useful to learn basic and practical expressions that will help you during your daily interactions with the locals.

Phrases like:

  • ¿“Va usted a..?” (Do you go to..?)
  • ¿Cuántas paradas? (How many stops?)
  • “¿Cuál es la línea que va a.. ? ” (Which line goes to …?)

Can prove exceptionally helpful at the time of using public transportation.

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Getting to Malaga

By Air

Flying into Malaga Costa del Sol Airport (AGP) is possibly the best choice given this is the entry point to millions of travelers annually visiting the Costa del Sol.

In addition to its domestic connections operated mainly by Iberia by Air Europa connecting the coast to major Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, the Canary islands, and Valencia, the airport welcomes flights from all over the world scheduled from 132 destinations in 30 countries including flights from Europe (France, Sweden, United Kingdoms, Czech Republic, Scotland, Turkey) via well-known airlines such as RyanAir, Vueling, easyJet, TUI Fly, Air Europa. From Africa (Morocco) via Air Arabia Maroc, Royal Air Maroc, Vueling, and Ryanair. From the middle east including Kuwait, UAE, Istanbul, and Tel Aviv operated by major airlines like Qatar airways, Kuwait Airways, and Turkish Airlines, and Canada via Air Transat.

You can easily get to the city center directly from the airport using the bus through the service “A” dedicated for trips between the airport and the city center with several stops along the way including the train station for those looking to make a transfer to the train to reach their destination.

The bus service is available 24/7 at the airport, outside the main esplanade, with a frequency of 1 bus every 25-30 minutes. The trip takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes depending on the traffic for a bus fare of 3€ ($3.55).

Malaga Airport - Costa del Sol Transfers start at $21.

Photo by Jonas Denil on Unsplash

By Train

For a cheaper and quicker way to get to the city center, you can take the train from the airport provided by the local train service Cercanias, available with a frequency of 1 bus every 20 minutes from 6:44am to 00:54am. The journey takes about 12 minutes for a base fare of 1.80€ ($2.13) per person.

  • From Seville, Renfe Viajeros train service is available at an affordable price starting at 20€ ($24).

  • From Madrid, you can take the Renfe AVE 2192 train starting at 50€ ($60).

  • From Valencia the AVE train by Renfe with tickets starting at 85€ ($101) per passenger.

  • Otherwise, if you are coming from Lisbon, Portugal, you can take the train line RE then switch to line AVE at Puertollano for a price starting at 70.55€ ($84).

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By Ferry

If you wish to make your way to Malaga from Tanger in Morroco, taking a ferry may prove an effective way to do so. Considering its close proximity, the ferry journey has a duration of only 7 hours, making it the perfect escape to another continent with rates starting at 35€ ($41.67).

The route from Port of Tangier Med to the Port of Malaga is operated by the ferry companies Balearia and Transmediterranea.

Photo by David Ramirez on Unsplash

By Bus

Long-distance transportation is available if you are visiting from a nearby city.

  • From Seville, ALSA bus trips are available at an affordable price starting at 17.50€ ($21).

  • From Madrid, you can take the "Madrid - Marbella" bus line operated by Interbus at a rate starting at 17.50€ ($21).

  • From Valencia, bus tickets start at 50€ ($60) operated by ALSA.

  • Travelers coming from Lisbon, Portugal, can take the bus with rates starting at 25.20€ ($30) from Lisboa Oriente to Malaga, operated by Rede Expressos.

By Car

However, if you wish to drive to this destination you can reach it from the south (Gibraltar) via road AP-7, from the north (Madrid, borgos, etc…) via road A-4, from the west (Sevilla) via road A-92, or from the east (Granada) via A-92.

Malaga Airport - Costa del Sol Transfers start at $21.

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If you are looking to enjoy the nightlife of Spain and while still being able to relax by the beach and enjoy the sunshine during the day, Torremolinos is the place for you.

You can easily take the bus route M-110 from the airport to your destination available from 9:00 AM to 8:45 PM. The trip takes about 30 minutes and has a total cost of 3.80€ ($4.50) per person. You can also opt for the train available from 05:32 AM to 11:42 PM with a frequency of 20 minutes and a price of 1.80€ ($2.13).

However, for a more comfortable ride, a Cabify ride is also available starting at 12.00€ ($14.22) or an Uber starting at 26.78€ ($31,75).

Photo by Elvis Bekmanis on Unsplash


For nature lovers, and those who are looking to enjoy a relaxing and healing experience by the beach while discovering the traditional Spanish culture, you should definitely visit Mijas.

Since there are no trains or direct buses departing from the airport for this route, you can opt for a two-bus combination to Mijas. You can first take the bus to Torremolinos from the airport than a bus to Mijas for a total cost of 5.60€ ($6.63).

On-demand rides are also available via Cabify for 34.62€ ($41.04) or Uber for a price starting at 36.96€ ($43.81).

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Filled with a rich history and various historical monuments and remains with three sites being declared “Places of Cultural Interest”, this place is the perfect destination for history enthusiasts.

You can travel to this town by bus route M-151, departing from the airport, for a fare of 1.80€ ($2.13), available hourly with a duration of 33 minutes depending on the traffic, or via a shared-ride app such as Cabify for 45.93€ ($54,45) or Uber for a price starting at 49.89€ ($59,14).

The Frugal Option

Public transportation in Malaga is considered the best way for travelers to get to their destination. Thanks to the extended networks of both the bus and train services, you can get to your destination in the most cost-effective way while staying within your budget.

For the bus service, the base fare starts at 1.30€ (1.54$) for a single bus ticket, however, you can also opt for the purchase of a 10-journey ticket for 8.30€ ($9.80) or a monthly pass for 39.95€ ($47.20).

The frequency of the bus service and the working hours depending on the route. For example the airport-Malaga city center route “A” bus operates 24/7 with a frequency of 1 train every 25 to 30 minutes, bus route M-110 operates from 9am to 8:45pm with a 15-minute frequency, bus route M-151 operates from 8am to 9pm.

As for the train service, it is provided by the local train service Cercanias by RENFE (Spain's national railway company), available from 6:44am to 00:54am with a frequency of 20 minutes. The ticket price is at 1.80€ ($2.13) for a train journey from the airport to the city center. However, depending on the departure and the destination stations the price can vary accordingly.

Photo by Jaroslaw Mis from Pexels

Private Transfer Options

The options to ride on a private vehicle from Malaga Costa del Sol Airport are varied and mainly offered by on-demand rides through Mobile Apps, taxis, or pre-arranged private transfers with a professional driver.

Hailing a ride with popular Mobile Apps such as Uber or Cabify start from 18.39€ ($21.79) while hailing an independant taxi starts at 20€ ($23.69).

Pre-arranging a private chauffeur is a great option for those who rather not worry about finding a last-minute solution. With connections to local companies, Mozio offers prebooked rides with All Inclusive service so travelers do not need to worry about getting to their hotel after a long flight. A private sedan is available for up to four passengers from 21€ ($25), a private van for up to eight passengers starting at 25.31€ ($30), or a private bus for larger groups of up to fourteen passengers from 56€ ($67).

The Mozio Recommendation

If you are on a budget, use public transportation to get to your destination either by bus or train for a ticket price of 3€ ($3.55) and 1.80€ ($2.13) respectively.

But if you wish to have a more comfortable experience and get to your destination fast in a cost-effective way, you can take an on-demand ride for a price starting at 18.39€ ($21.79) via Uber or 18.08€ ($21.79) via Cabify.

However, if you wish to enjoy the luxury experience of being escorted from your terminal by your driver holding a card that has your name on it, to your designated car, you can book through Mozio a vehicle of your choice such as a private sedan for a price starting at 21€ ($25), a private van starting at 25.31€ ($30), and an SUV starting at 48,08€ ($57).

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Moving AROUND Malaga

Public transportation is considered as the best way to get around Malaga city in the most cost-effective way. Thanks to its extended network across the Malaga Province, public transportation allow travelers to move within Malaga without breaking their budget with fares starting at 3€ ($3.55) for buses and 1.80€ ($2.13) for trains.

On-demand services are also available across Malaga including taxi-hailing apps such as Cabify available 24/7 in addition to Uber, particularly useful for transfers at late hours.

Renting a bicycle is another popular transportation service to get to nearby towns and cities in an eco-friendly manner that allows you to profit from the views at the same time. Malaga Bici is Malaga City's bike lending system allowing travelers to borrow a bike for free for a 30-minute period and at a rate of 0,017€ ($0.020) per minute after that. You just need Malaga's EMT card (issued by the transportation company "Empresa Malagueña de Transportes SAM") and to register online to pay for insurance and an enrollment fee.

Photo by Joel Casey on Unsplash

The Frugal Option

Located in the center of the city, only 2 kilometers away from the port, Málaga Bus station is considered the main station in Malaga providing easy access for travelers who arrive by bus.

Given its proximity to Málaga María Zambrano railway station (50 minutes away), Malaga's bus station is also a destination hub for people connecting to a train and even high-speed trains (AVE) for short, middle, and long distance distances.

The bus station booths are open every day from 7am until 9:30pm and reachable via phone on +34 952 350 061, or by email at estabus@emtsaù.es.

Below are some of the most common routes from this station and the cost of a single bus ticket.

  • Malaga to Casabermeja by Bus route M-151 from 1.70€ ($2) Ride Duration 33 minutes.
  • Malaga to Torremolinos by Bus route M-110 from 3.60€ ($4.50) Ride Duration 30 minutes.
  • Malaga to Fuengirola by Bus route M-113 from 1.70€ ($2) Ride Duration 45 minutes.
  • Malaga to Cártama by Bus route M-131 from 1.70€ ($2) Ride Duration 40 minutes.
  • Malaga to Cotomar by Bus route M-151 from 1.70€ ($2) Ride Duration 37 minutes.
  • Malaga to Álora by Bus route M-230 from 3.60€ ($4.50). Ride Duration 55 minutes.
Photo by Jonas Denil on Unsplash

Are Rideshare & TaxiApps Readily Available In Malaga?

Available On-Demand Providers

  1. uber

  2. cabify

  3. freenow

Not Available Options

  1. lyft

  2. grab

  3. gojek

  4. didi

  5. bolt

Car Rental Options

Many high rated brands provide their car rental services in Malaga including Hertz, Europcar, Sixt, Inter-rent, Recordgo, Goldcar, Firefly, Rhodium, National, Enterprise, Alamo, Dollar, Thrifty. Most of these brands have agencies at the Malaga airport while the others have offices all around this travel destination with a car rental fee starting at 11€ ($13) per day.

Parking is also a fundamental part of renting a car. It is possible to park for free in Malaga on the spaces marked with a white line. Paid parking is designated with a blue line with rates from 0.84€ (1$) per hour for a maximum stay of 150 minutes during business days between 9am to 8pm, and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.

Photo by Martijn Vonk from Pexels

Day Trips Around Malaga


Known for its sandy beaches, the Medieval Moorish Sohail Castle, in addition to being home to various festivals and concerts, you must visit this destination if Malaga is in your travel plan.

You can get there either by Bus route M-113 at a price of 1.70€ ($2) for a duration of 45 minutes, by train for 2.70€ ($3.20), or by taxi for a price starting at 40€ ($47.47). On-demand rides are also available for a cost starting at 48.73€ ($57.83) for Uber and 45.97€ ($54.55) for Cabify.

Prebooked through Mozio, a professional driver from local partner's My Transfers fleet offering All Inclusive services on a private van for up to four passengers from $35 or up to eight passengers from $47. On a private bus for larger groups of up to fourteen passengers from $74.


This destination is considered one of the most important cities of the province of Malaga due to its rich history and important monuments including the Alcazaba of Antequera, ancient burial mounds, in addition to its vast nature reserve.

You can take the bus route M-253 for 1.70€ ($2) in order to get to your destination for a trip duration of 38 minutes. Taxi is available at 60€ ($71.20), Uber at 74€ ($87.81), and Cabify at 71.76€ ($85.15).

Prebooked through Mozio, a professional driver from local partner's My Transfers fleet offering All Inclusive services on a private sedan for up to four passengers from $81, on a private van for up to eight passengers from $99. On a private bus for larger groups of up to thirteen passengers from $144.


One of the most beautiful white villages in Andalucia, this travel destination has much to offer. From the high plateau that is divided in two by a deep ravine to famous house museums, Ronda is a must-visit place!

You can get there by bus for a fare starting at 12€ ($14.24), or by train starting at 18€ ($21.36). Taxi services are also available at 110€ ($130.53) for the 1-hour 30-minute journey.

Prebooked through Mozio, a professional driver from local partner's My Transfers fleet offering All Inclusive services on a private sedan for up to four passengers from $113, on a private van for up to eight passengers from $175. On a private bus for larger groups of up to fourteen passengers from $191.

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