Getting to Ibiza, Spain

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The European Party Capital of Ibiza is well known for its crazy nightlife as well as for its beautiful beaches and historical city. Due to its international airport, getting there from most major european capitals is possible at a low cost with tickets starting at $14. Crossing over by Ferry is also possible from Barcelona, Balencia, Denia, or Gandia from $50. Once there, you can travel by bus from $4, taxis from $12, or Ibiza Airport Transfer from $30 will take you to your accommodations. Moving around by bus is not expensive with tickets from $1.82.

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Ibiza Key Information

Ibiza, also called "the white island" is the third-largest island of the Balearic Islands located off the east coast of Spain and considered a natural jewel. When we hear its name we immediately think of a party destination because of the many bars and restaurants, and the effervescent and intense nightlife. However, far from stereotypes, Ibiza is also a family destination because of the calm and shallow sea that is perfect for children, and the various coves and the abundant countryside that invite you to explore nature and to engage in activities such as watersports and snorkeling.

Ibiza is considered a very safe place to travel. Nevertheless, visitors are advised to keep an eye on their belongings, avoiding walking alone at night, and staying away from crowded places where alcohol is consumed in large quantities. Younger people partying are known to disturb families.

Take care of unlicensed drivers (opposite to regular taxis) hovering around offering rides for a reduced fare. These illegal taxis are unsafe and often uninsured. Be sure to stick with licensed cabs which are clearly marked with distinctive green and yellow signage.

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The tricky part

Getting to Ibiza by sea involves taking a ferry from mainland Spain to one of Ibiza's 6 main Ports. Take into account that only Marina Ibiza and the Port of San Antonio receive passengers coming by ferry and this second one is only open during the high season (from May through October) so make sure you check the correct scheduling and take this into account for getting to your lodging.

On the south of the island, Ibiza's four Marinas:

  • Ibiza Magna.
  • Club Náutico de Ibiza.
  • Marina Ibiza.
  • Marina Botafoch.

On the Northwest side of the island:

  • Port of San Antonio.

On the East side of the island:

  • Port of Santa Eulalia Marina.

The majority of ferries dock at Marina Ibiza port located in the south. Ferries also arrive to San Antonio port but only during the high season (May to October). Crossings generally take between four and nine hours and are operated year-round by both Balearia or Trasmediterranea.

You cannot just stop a taxi while walking on the street. Taxis are available 24 hours a day the 7 days of the week but only on taxi stops all around the island. You will be able to pay to the driver with a debit or credit in some cases but make sure they have this option available before starting the trip, which is why is recommended to always bring cash with you.

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Getting to Ibiza

Considering it is an island, transportation to Ibiza is limited. These are limited to airplanes and ferries.

By Plane

Serviced by Ibiza's International Airport (IBZ), the island welcomes passengers from 83 international destinations from 13 countries in Europe given its popularity as summertime destination across the world.

Flight tickets prices range anywhere from $14 up to $77 and the total flight time is between 45 minutes up to 5 hours to Ibiza International Airport.

Some of the most popular companies that operate to this destination are Ryanair, Vueling, EasyJet coming from Europe and Jetblue coming from the US directly.

Upon arrival at Ibiza International Airport using public transportation to get to your destination is the best way to go since buses run every hour and price ranges from $2 to $5. Ibiza Airport Transfer are available from $30.

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By Ferry

Ferries to Ibiza are available from four different locations in Mainland Spain provided by Balearia or Trasmediterranea.

  • From Valencia with 3 and a half hour voyage, tickets start at $68 per passenger.
  • From Barcelona with an 8 and a half hour voyage, tickets start at $50 per passenger.
  • From Denia with a 2 hours voyage, tickets start at $60 per passenger.
  • From Gandia with a 2 and a half hour voyage, tickets start at $77 per passenger.

You can also cross over with your vehicle at an additional fee between $50 to $60 for a sedan.

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The Frugal Option

Possibly the cheapest, fastest, and most comfortable way of getting to Ibiza is flying there as we have described before. Once you get the the airport, you can use the bus network to get to your accommodations.

Bus stops are located right next to the terminal building. The following bus lines connect the airport with the main destinations within the island:

  • Line 10 Connects the airport with Ibiza Town, port of Formentera, and San Jorge area. The ticket cost is $4.11 per passenger.
  • Line 24 Connects with Cala Llonga, Es Canar, and Santa Eulalia del Río. The ticket cost is $4.70 per passenger.
  • Line 9 Connects with San Antonio and San Juan. The ticket cost is $4.70 per passenger.

The tickets are purchased from the bus driver directly so always keep in mind to bring change with you as bus drivers may not always be able to change large bills.

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Private Transfer Options

When arriving to Ibiza by Ferry, you will disembark at Ibiza Port in the south of the island regardless of where you are coming from in mainland Spain (Valencia, Barcelona, Denia, or Gandia).

If arriving by plane, you will land at Ibiza Airport (IBZ) which is located 7.3 kilometers from Ibiza Town and 22 kilometers from San Antonio.

Ibiza Airport Transfer are available from $30.

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By Taxi

A taxi may result a comfortable choice to make it to where you will be staying. Available 24 hours a day, prices may vary depending on the time when you arrive as there is a day rate (from 7am to 9pm) and a night rate (from 9pm to 7am).

To Ibiza Town:

  • From Port of Ibiza from at $12 (7 minute ride, 2.7km).
  • From Ibiza Airport from at $12 (7 minute ride, 6.6km).

To Cala Llonga:

  • From port of Ibiza from at $22 (15 minute ride, 11.4km).
  • From Ibiza Airport from at $22 (15 minute ride, 12.5km).

To San Antonio:

  • From port of Ibiza from at $27 (22 minute ride, 17.2km).
  • From Ibiza Airport from at $20 (15 minute ride, 23km).

To Santa Eulalia del Río:

  • From port of Ibiza from at $35 (20 minute ride, 15km).
  • From Ibiza Airport from at $19 (23 minute ride, 21.9km).

To San Juan:

  • From port of Ibiza from at $40 (26 minute ride, 22.6km).
  • From Ibiza Airport from at $24 (30 minute ride, 29.5km).

To Port of Sant Miguel:

  • From port of Ibiza from at $40 (26 minute ride, 21.1km).
  • From Ibiza Airport from at $25 (30 minute ride, 27km).
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By Private Driver

A private chauffeur may be the way to go considering the many benefits of this type of transfer service. Ibiza Airport Transfer are available from $30. Prebooked through Mozio and offering All Inclusive service means the driver waits for you with a sign with your name on it making it easier to find your way out of the port or airport skipping the lines. No worries about price changes, support by phone and live chat 24/7, and fixed rates make this a go-to type of service.

To Ibiza Town from the Airport: a sedan for up to 4 passengers from $53, a private van for up to 6 passengers from $77, or a private bus for larger groups of up to 12 passenger from $114.

To San Antonio from the Airport: a sedan for up to 4 passengers from $89, a private van for up to 6 passengers from $134, or a private bus for larger groups of up to 12 passenger from $194.

To Ibiza Town from the Port: a sedan for up to 4 passengers or a private van for up to 6 passengers from $100.

To San Antonio from the Port: a sedan for up to 3 passengers from $128, a private van for up to 6 passengers from $145.

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The Mozio Recommendation

Flying to Ibiza is the most comfortable way to make it to this party destination. With frequent flights offered at cheap rates ranging from $14 up to $77 coming from the main capitals of Europe, getting there is not a problem. Once you are at the airport, local buses take you to your hotel from $4.11, taxis from $12, or private drivers from $30 for a smooth Ibiza Airport Transfer.

Moving AROUND Ibiza

Most of the resort hotels found at Ibiza offer another popular way to discover the island, boats and small ferries that operate several times during the day in the summer. Boat rides are available from San Antonio to all the beautiful beaches of the West coast including Cala Bassa, Cala Conta, or Cala Salada, or from Ibiza Town to Cala Llonga, Figueretas, and Playa d'en Bossa. Prices range from $4.15 one way to $7 for the return ticket whcih can be purchased as you go to board the water taxi or when you are on board. You can check the timetables on the kiosks located in front of the boats, or in the boards displayed next to the boat itself which show the details.

Given the island's reduced size, using the bus network by Ibiza Bus provided by the four local companies proves a practical and budget-friendly way of getting around this travel destination. Getting across the island of Ibiza by bus can be achieved in only 35 minutes and the air-conditioned buses provide a good level of comfort for a low price (tickets go from $2 to $5).

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The Frugal Option

The most economical way to get around Ibiza is using the bus network available from the four main bus companies operating different areas on the island:

  • San Antonio Buses covers the areas of San Antonio, Sant Rafael, and Eivissa with tickets from $2.47.

  • Voramar El Gaucho covers the areas of San Antonio, Cala Gracio, Stella Maris, Cala de Comte, Sant Josep, Ibiza Airport, Cala Salada with tickets from $1.94.

  • H.F. Vilas covers the areas of Eivissa, Santa Eularia, Sant Carles, San Antonio, San Juan, Ibiza Airport with tickets from $1.82.

  • Autocares Lucas Costa covers the areas of San Antonio, Port de San Miguel, and Eivissa with tickets from $2.41.

  • DiscoBus Ibiza, a night service available from 12am to 6am during the summer, covers San Antonio, Sant Rafael, Cala LLonga, San Juan, Santa Eularia, and Eivissa. Tickets cost $4.70 to $5.87.

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Are Rideshare & TaxiApps Readily Available In Ibiza?

Available On-Demand Providers

No known on-demand providers available in this area

Not Available Options

  1. cabify

  2. uber

  3. lyft

  4. grab

  5. freenow

  6. gojek

  7. didi

  8. bolt

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Car Rental Options

Car hire in Ibiza is a popular option for visitors considering the island is only 571 square kilometers in surface making this option a practical way to get to know all the areas of the island in an independent way regardless of whether the place you are looking to visit is accessible using public transportation or whether it is a more remote area (such as Portinatx, where buses run irregularly).

Most car rental companies, such as SIXT, Luxury Car Rental Ibiza VIP Experience, Ibiza Best Car, MaxiRent Ibiza Rent a Car & Moto, and Europcar have offices at Ibiza Airport, Ibiza Port, Sant Antonio, and Ibiza Town where you can pick up and drop off your vehicle.

  • Ibiza Airport prices start at $35 per day for a sedan vehicle.
  • Ibiza Port prices start at $50 per day for a sedan vehicle.
  • Ibiza Town prices start at $65 per day for a sedan vehicle.
  • San Antonio prices start at $117 per day for a sedan vehicle.
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Day Trips Around Ibiza

Cala Comte

Located northwest of the island, 24,5 kilometers away from Ibiza Town, Cala Comte is considered the most visited and popular place in Ibiza whether you are traveling with friends or family. Best known for its fine white sands and emerald waters, the surroundings of Cala Comte stands out for its various restaurants, for its unbeatable sunsets, and especially for the row of islets that float on the nearest horizon.

A regular taxi from Ibiza town starts at $38 for the 30 minute ride, but the best option, if you are not in a hurry, is taking the bus that takes one and a half hour for $5 per passenger. During the months of May through October, you will also have the option of taking a ferry from the Port of San Antonio, while it is a 1 hour voyage tickets start a $7.


Located 262km away from Ibiza Port, the small island of Formentera is a must-see passage offering a variety of surprising places and landscapes which make it a unique place. Its three large beaches that are perfect for those who don't have any travel plan and are looking for a bit of relaxation and enjoying the sun: Ses Illetes, Es Pujols, and Migjorn beach. The island is also full of charming towns. The one that stands out is Sant Francesc, where you will find the old chapel of sa Tanca Vella, as well as excellent restaurants and the most curious shops and beautiful local markets.

The only way to get there is by Ferry that departs very frequently (within minutes of each other) from Ibiza's Port. The 35 to 45 minute voyage costs $24 per passenger bought from Direct Ferries.


Located 192.2km away from Ibiza, Benidorm is considered a true beauty of the Spanish Costa Blanca. You can enjoy the beautiful panoramic views and, in the nearby rock caves, diving enthusiasts can discover an incredible underwater world.

Currently, there is no direct way to get to Benidorm from Ibiza. You can take a ferry to Dénia from Ibiza Port for a total ride time of 3 and a half hours and for a price of $35 from Transmediterranea. From Dénia, you can take either a Metro Tramway Line number 9 directly to Benidorm. Train tickets start at $4 and for the hour and a half trip.

You can also take the bus from Denia's bus station, tickets start at $9 and the total ride time is 2 hours. Service is available every hour and is provided by the local bus network company ALSA.

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