Getting to Hudson Valley, United States

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Well known for its vineyards, orchards, and farms, the Hudson Valley makes a perfect getaway travel destination. Getting there from New York is possible by car with tolls along the way of around $10, by bus from $25, by train from $9 to $25, or on a chauffeured car from $196.

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Hudson Valley Key Information

The Hudson Valley is a region in the State of New York, about 6 miles North of New York City. Famous for its colorful natural landscapes, especially in Autumn, offering an escape from the large cities nearby.

Within the Valley are located, from North to South, the counties of Albany, Rensselaer, Greene, Columbia, Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland & Westchester.

The largest cities are Albany all the way North in the county of Albany, Kingston in the center in the county of Ulster, Poughkeepsie in the center in the county of Dutchess, and Newburgh in the South in the county of Orange, with many more smaller towns within the valley.

Some popular activities involve strolling around by the Hudson River, discovering the nearby forests and parks, and walking by the large Long Island Sound, a tidal estuary of the Atlantic Ocean, to name a few.

Hudson Valley

The tricky part

Leave a tip between 15% to 25% for good service or a few dollars for lower-priced services and goods. At least 10% should be tipped for good taxi service. Sales taxes will be added on top of your bill and is very often not displayed.

Poughkeepsie is notorious for having one of the highest crime rate in New York State, and in the USA in general. It is very recommended to be aware of your surroundings, especially downtown.

In New-York and especially in the airports, be aware of the illegal taxicab and other "gypsy cabs", which are unlicensed taxis that often target tourists and charge them a high fare.

Hudson Valley

Getting to Hudson Valley

Getting to the Hudson Valley is an easy task. Being directly connected to New York City, the top world-class airports of JFK, Newark and LaGuardia, are available to you if travel to the area by plane, only 20km away from the valley.

If you choose to arrive by car, the valley is also amazingly well connected to all major and smaller nearby cities and towns. Do note that tolls will most likely apply but they usually do not exceed $10.

Once arrived in NYC and if you choose to take the train to the Hudson Valley, the Amtrak and the Metro-North will both take you there. The Amtrak can be boarded at the Pennsylvania Train Station while the Metro-North can be boarded at NYC Grand Central.

Several bus companies operate between NYC and the valley, including Greyhound, Coach USA, and Megabus, although routes are quite limited and operate mostly to Albany.

The Albany international airport also operates directly in the region, all the way North, although it only provides domestic flights.

Map from JFK Airport to Hudson Valley

The Frugal Option

From the airports of NYC, the cheapest ways to get to the Hudson Valley are taking a bus or train.

By bus Greyhound, Coach USA, and Megabus connect the Hudson Valley to a number of destinations by bus with Albany having the most connections. Fares start at $25.

By train, Amtrak's Maple Leaf line (connecting Penn Station and Toronto, Canada; passing through Yonkers, Croton-on-Hudson, Poughkeepsie, Rhinecliff, Hudson, and Rensselaer-Albany) is the fastest option even if slightly more expensive than the Metro-North's Hudson Line (green line, connecting Grand Central Station and Yonkers, Glenwood, Greystone, Hastings-on-Hudson, Dobbs Ferry, Ardsley-on-Hudson, Irvington, Tarrytown, Philipse Manor, Scarborough, Ossining, Croton-Harmon, Cortlandt, Peekskill, Manitou, Garrison, Cold Spring, Breakneck Ridge, Beacon, New Hamburg, and Poughkeepsie). Switching between the Metro-North and Amtrak is possible at Yonkers, Croton-Harmon, and Poughkeepsie.

Amtrak tickets can be bought online and go for $20 to $30 with trains departing hourly from 10 am to 10 pm. It is recommended to buy tickets as early as possible in order to get the best fares. The Amtrak app is available on both Apple and Android devices.

Metro-North Tickets can be bought at ticket machines and ticket offices (they are more expensive if bought onboard) with trains running every 30 minutes from 6 am to 2 am. You can also buy and use tickets via the MTA eTix mobile ticketing app. From Grand Central to Yonkers, tickets cost between $9 and $11, to Poughkeepsie between $20 to $25.

Try to land a seat on the left side of the car if going North to enjoy the views of the Hudson River.

To get from the airport to the train stations:

  • JFK to Grand Central: From JFK, first reach the Jamaica station via air train. Reach the Woodside station from Jamaica. There, transfer to metro line 7 all the way to Grand Central Terminal.

  • LaGuardia to Grand Central: There is no direct rail link in LaGuardia, taking a taxi is recommended as it's by far the easiest option. The taxi fare is estimated to $40 but will vary depending on traffic.

  • Newark to Penn Station: From Newark, the Newark Airport Express shuttles will take you directly to Grand Central. A one-way fare costs $18. Otherwise, take the Air Train for $12 per passenger per way. Tickets can be bought at ticket offices or ticketing machines.

  • JFK to Penn Station: From JFK, first reach the Jamaica station via air train. Transfer onto Babylon line, all the way to Pennsylvania Station.

  • LaGuardia to Penn Station: There is no direct rail link in LaGuardia, taking the taxi is recommended as it's by far the easiest option. The fare is about $35 but will vary depending on traffic.

Greyhound Bus from the Hudson Line

Private Transfer Options

When it comes to getting to the Hudson Valley on a private option, possibly the best choice is to prebook a professional driver with a licensed vehicle to take on the job. Competitive prices with comfortable service are guaranteed when opting in on this choice.

Prebooked through Mozio with local partners My Transfers or Book Taxi Group offering All Inclusive service, your professional driver will wait an hour after your plane's landing with a sign with your name on it at the arrivalls hall. If you don't mind following pickup instructions, local partner Elife Limo offers services without Meet & Greet included for different rates as well.

  • To Albany:

From JFK Airport or from LaGuardia Airport On a private SUV for up to five passengers from $585 to $618 or a private van for up to seven passengers from $845 to $900. Larger groups of up to fourteen passengers may opt for a private bus from $927 to $982.

  • To Hudson: From JFK Airport or LaGuardia Airport On a private SUV for up to five passengers from $526 or a private van for up to seven passengers from $708 to $737. Larger groups of up to fourteen passengers may opt for a private bus from $789 to $819.

  • To Poughkeepsie:

From JFK Airport or LaGuardia Airport On a private SUV for up to five passengers from $396 a private van for up to seven passengers from $512 to $556. Larger groups of up to fourteen passengers may opt for a private bus from $593 to $637.

  • To Yonkers:

From JFK Airport or LaGuardia Airport On a private SUV for up to five passengers from $196 on a private van for up to seven passengers from $203 to $257. Larger groups of up to fourteen passengers may opt for a private bus from $294.

Private Chauffeur at JFK

The Mozio Recommendation

Taking the Amtrak will be the fastest and most comfortable way of getting to the Hudson Valley, for a fair price. Once arrive at your destination, simply hop on a Uber/taxi for the last mile. For a 2 miles ride, Uber fares are estimated to $10 for in Poughkeepsie/Kingston/Rhinebeck and $15 in Albany.

If you wish to relax for the rest of the journey when finally landing at the airport, we are sure that you will enjoy our quality private transfer options. Our driver will take you directly to your destination with a great quality of service.

Amtrak Genesis Locomotive

Moving AROUND Hudson Valley

Getting around within a city may be more or less difficult depending on its size. Moving around with public transportation in larger cities such as Albany (through CDTA) or Poughkeepsie (using DCPT) won't be much of a problem thanks to well-developed bus routes network.

Apps are available for both Albany's CDTA and Poughkeepsie's DCPT. It is recommended to download CDTA's app and [DCPT's app] (

In smaller towns such as Catskill, however, taking a taxi or renting a car will prove much more convenient.

Walkway over the Hudson River

The Frugal Option

Moving around the larger cities can be achieved using the local bus network, in Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County or in Albany using Capital District Transportation Authority's services. Bus fares run between $1.50 and $1.75.

When navigating a smaller town not covered by the public bus networks, renting a car or hailing a taxi may prove a more convenient option.

To move between cities along the Hudson River, the Amtrak and the Metro-North will be your best options.

Renting a bike is also a great way of traveling around the Hudson Valley freely and eco-friendlily and quite a few bike-renting businesses operate in the region. CDPHP in Albany offers a $5 hourly bike-renting service to get around the city. Download the app, create an account and unlock your bike. Leisure Ride Bike in Poughkeepsie offers $10 hourly bike rentals, as well as surreys for $25 and many more.

When a compromise must be made, consider taking a taxi as a middle-ground option. Taxi companies have availability with reasonable fares just about everywhere.

Bus from Dutchess County service

Are Rideshare & TaxiApps Readily Available In Hudson Valley?

Available On-Demand Providers

  1. uber

  2. lyft

Not Available Options

  1. cabify

  2. grab

  3. freenow

  4. gojek

  5. didi

  6. bolt

Car Rental Options

Given the geography of the Hudson Valley and its rurality, renting a car will allow you to explore much more of the region. Without a private means of transportation relying on public transportation may severely limit your journey, as most of the sceneries are located outside of the cities where public transportation is mostly absent or very sparsely available.

Many options are available when it comes to renting a vehicle to help you easily navigate the Valley or reach your airport. Companies such as Hertz, Budget, Avis, and Enterprise have offices operating in JFK and LaGuardia Airports as well as in Albany, Kingston, and Poughkeepsie.

It is required to be 21 to rent a car in the United States. Car rental companies are also likely to charge additional fees for drivers younger than 25 years old.

Day Trips Around Hudson Valley


Rhinebeck is a town with a unique cultural heritage and with beautiful sceneries right by the Hudson Valley.

Getting into town is very easy and both the Metro-North and the Amtrak can take you there.

With the Metro-North, travel until Poughkeepsie. From there, complete the last mile by taxi or bus. The 2 towns are about 15 miles away from each other.

With the Amtrak, travel to Rhinecliff. From there, complete the last mile by taxi or bus. The 2 towns are about 3 miles away from each other.


Long Island Sound

A retreat by the beach is possible with the Long Island Sound, a tidal estuary of the Atlantic Ocean, located about 60 miles away from the center of the Hudson Valley. The Sound offers great landscapes and views while you walk around the shore.

From Grand Central / Harlem 125 Street via the Metro-North, the New Haven line will take you anywhere on the coast.

From Penn Station via the Amtrak, the North-East Regional or the Acela lines will also take you anywhere on the coast. The Acela offers superior comfort, for a slightly higher fare.

Long Island Sound Lighthouse

Scranton, PA

About 90 miles away (2h away) from the center of the Hudson Valley, Scranton is renowned for coal production and mining. The T.V series "The Office" 'episodes also mainly took place in Dunder's Mifflin Scranton branch offices.

Scranton is connected to Poughkeepsie in the middle of the valley by the i-84, in which there is no toll.

From Albany, Greyhound offers a daily bus connection. Prices range from $40 to $50.

From Poughkeepsie, you would need to either take the Hudson Line on the Metro-North or the Maple Leaf Amtrak down to New-York. From there, Greyhound also offers several NY-Scranton connections a day, from the Port Authority Bus Terminal, starting at $25.

Scranton, PA

Schenectady, NY.

About 10 miles away from Albany, Schenectady was once a manufacturing center and was referred to as "The City that Lights and Hauls the World": Both the Edison Electric Company, which became General Electric, and the American Locomotive Company were founded there.

The cities are connected by the I-90 W (with toll) and NY-5 W but also by Washington Avenue (toll-free). The journey time is estimated to 30 minutes by car on both routes.

The 905 bus makes a stop every 10 minutes in each city, we a journey time estimated to 50 minutes and the bus ticket costs $2.

The Maple Leaf Amtrak also directly connects the two cities, without any stop in between.

General Electric Schenectady, NY.

Saratoga Springs, NY

About 30 miles away from Albany, Saratoga Springs is home to natural mineral spring as well as its nearby pool complex. It is also home to the Saratoga Horse Race Course, one of the oldest sporting areas in the United States. The Saratoga Saratoga Automobile Museum & the Performing Arts Center are notable entertainment locations.

The cities are connected by the i-87 N, which is toll free. The journey time is estimated to 40 minutes by car.

From Albany, Saratoga can be reached by bus by first taking the 905 in Albany Bus Terminal to Schenectady, State St & Washington Ave - Gateway Plaza stop. There, switch to the 450 bus which will take you to Saratoga Springs. The bus ticket costs about $3.50 and the journey time is estimated to 2 hours.

Saratoga Springs National Museum of Racing

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