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Búzios, is a well-known travel destination known for its beautiful beaches and sunsets, it is located 190 kilometeres from Rio de Janeiro making it accessible from this airport using different means of ground transportation. Bus fares from Rio to Buzios start at $8 or a private taxi will take you there for $95. Moving around Buzios is simply by taxi starting at $3 or using the public bus for $1. Use the water taxis for a different perspective for $1.5.

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Buzios key information

Armação dos Búzios is the name of the municipality and is referred as Buzios. A resort town located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has an extension of 8 Km. in total.

Many sailing sports are practiced on this peninsula. An interesting fact that you will surely find when you google Búzios, is that it became world-famous after Brigitte Bardot spent two seasons there with her boyfriend.

The closest city is Rio de Janeiro and the closest towns are Cabo Frio and Arraial do Cabo.

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The tricky part

If you take the bus to Buzios, let the driver know where you're staying. If your accommodation is on the way to the bus station, they will let you get off there. If not on the way, you will need to take a taxi or rideshare to your accommodation from the bus station, prices vary according to distance.

Also, bus schedules can sometimes change due to holidays or special circumstances that disrupt traffic. It's advisable to check with the company before you travel and make sure you buy your tickets in advance, especially during the high season (December to March).

When traveling by car, take into consideration that parking might be limited during the high season. Check with your accommodation if they have on-site parking if not, there are private parking lots available in certain areas but they charge by the hour around $0.5 per hour or $10 per day and you would still have to walk to and from. There is parking close to the beaches but they can fill up quickly during the high season so get there early, before noon to make sure you get a spot.

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Getting to Buzios

There are a few ways to get there. First, you would need to travel to Rio de Janeiro which is the closest city with an international airport. From Galeao International Airport by bus, it takes 4-5 hours to reach Buzios. If you're already there, a bus from Rodoviaria Novo Rio station takes 3-4 hours. Prices range from $8 - 13 depending on the type of bus you choose (First, Regular, etc.) The name of the company that serves both locations is Autoviacao 1001.

You can also book a private taxi from one of the many companies, it takes about 2-3 hours. Prices range from $95 - 120.

Another easy and comfortable way is to rent a car in Rio de Janeiro and drive to Buzios and back. Car rentals start at $10 per day.

Another option is to fly to Cabo Frío Airport but there are no international flights to this airport, only domestic. The only airline that offers service to this airport is Azul.

Located 30 kilometers from Buzios, from there it takes 20 minutes to travel by taxi from the airport. There are taxis waiting outside the airport and fares start at $26.

More details on prices, schedules, etc. down below.

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The Frugal Option

The cheapest way to get there is by bus from Rio de Janeiro. Whether it is from Galeao Airport or Rodoviaria bus station. Tickets cost between $8 - 13 depending on the type of bus you choose (First, Regular, etc.)

The operating hours at Rodoviaria Bus Station are Monday to Sunday from 6 am to 8:30 pm, departs every 2 hours. At Galeao Airport, Monday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 9 pm, buses depart every 3-4 hours. You can buy your tickets at Loja 3 (store 3).

The operating hours at Buzios Bus station are Monday to Saturday, from 06:00 am to 8:30 pm, buses depart every 2 hours. Sundays, 06:00 am to 8:30 pm, buses depart every 2 hours to Rodoviaria bus station and every 4 hours to Galeao airport with the last departure at 2 pm to the airport.

More information, contact numbers, and online ticketing at Autoviacao 1001's website.

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Private Transfer Options

There are three options for private transfer options depending on where you start your journey.

You can book a private transfer from Galeao airport which is the most comfortable option because a driver will wait for you once you get off the plane and take you to your destination. A private sedan for 2 passengers, 1 bag, costs $121 booked through Mozio's local partner My Transfers.

There are also taxis waiting outside the airport, a taxi for 3 passengers, 2 bags costs between $95 to $120.

You can also use rideshare cars, an UberX sedan for 4 passengers, 2 bags, starts at $55. Another similar option is Cabify, a sedan for 4 passengers, 2 bags, starts at $66.

Now, if you are already in Rio you can book a private sedan for 3 passengers, 3 bags, for $205 with Mozio's local operator Book Taxi Group.

Also, you can pre-book a private Taxi for 3 passengers and 2 bags, prices start at $87, you need to call one of the local companies and request in advance.

As for rideshare options, an UberX sedan for 4 passengers and 2 bags, starts at $68. A Cabify sedan for 4 passengers, 2 bags, starts at $69.

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The Mozio Recommendation

The most practical way to get to Buzios is by bus, in terms of price and comfort. Once there, if you wish you can rent a car to get around, use rideshare services or private taxis.

More information about options to move around Buzios, down below.

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Getting AROUND Buzios

Getting around Buzios is fairly simple. There are several options when it comes to transportation service other than private/rental car.

Taxis can be found driving around all over the place. They operate pretty much 24/7 as this is a tourist destination. Prices start at $3 for a short 10 minute ride.

Apps such as Uber, Cabify and 99 are ride-hailing apps that provide coverage in the area. Prices start at $2 for a short 10 minute ride.

There are Public mini bus/shared vans that traverse the main avenue (Av. Jose Bento Ribeiro Dantas) and stop at different beaches or wherever you need. Some also follow different bus routes to other areas of the city so make sure you check where exactly they are going before you get on. Cost is $1 per person.

Water taxis can take you between beaches. It's an interesting way to visit the different beaches without having to sit in traffic. Prices start at $1.5 per person for a short ride from Centro pier to Porto Veleiro and increase depending on the distance you need to travel.

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The Frugal Option

The cheapest way to move around would be a combination of public minibus and rideshare.

That way, if you are going somewhere that is not on a main avenue or street, you can get as close as possible in a minibus paying $1 and then call a rideshare driver to take you to your final destination.

You can also take a taxi for that last mile. Most of the time, the same taxi drivers are the ones working with ridesharing apps so maybe you can negotiate the fare if you see one nearby.

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Are Rideshare & TaxiApps Readily Available In This Resort?

Available On-Demand Providers

  1. uber


  2. cabify


Not Available Options

  1. lyft

  2. grab

  3. freenow

  4. gojek

  5. didi

  6. bolt

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Car Rental Options

To rent a car you will need a passport or a Brazilian ID, a valid driver's license and a credit card. During the high season parking is quite hard to find in the downtown area and at the main beaches, there are however, private parking lots that charge around $1 per hour so make sure your accommodation provides overnight parking.

There are a few options to consider depending on where you would like to pick up and drop off the car. For Pickup/drop off at Galeao Airport, Alamo offers a sedan for 5 passengers and 3 bags, prices per day start at $10 and operation hours are 5am to 11pm.

If you want to pick up at Galeao Airport and drop off in Buzios, Localiza offers a sedan for 5 passengers and 3 bags. It starts at $21 per day, the branch is located at 799 Av. José Bento Ribeiro Dantas. Hours of operation at the airport are 6 am-8 pm. In Buzios, Monday to Friday, 9 am-7 pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm.

For pickup/dropoff in Buzios, Localiza offers a sedan for 5 passengers and 2 bags at $36 per day.

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Day Trips Around Buzios

Cabo Frio and Arraial do Cabo

You can have a nice day trip by visiting Arraial do Cabo and Cabo Frio, which are the closest places to visit near Buzios. Take the Salineira bus that passes through the main avenue (Av. José Bento Ribeiro Dantas) and costs about $1 per person and passes every 10 minutes and it takes about an hour to reach. Once you arrive at Arraial do Cabo, get off at Praia dos Anjos and ask for the boat tours, there are lots of different options that start at $20. Keep in mind that most of these boats start their tour around 9 am so make sure you leave Buzios early in the morning.

They reach Ilha do Farol where they make a stop at Praia do Farol and pass through the Blue Grotto, the Nossa Senhora rift and the Pedra do Gorila that has that name due to its peculiar shape. Then, they disembark in Prainhas do Pontal to enjoy this beach for a while and finally, they go to Praia do Forno, where you can decide if you prefer to eat in the floating restaurant of Ensenada do Forno, stay on that beach to enjoy the rest of the day or return on the boat to Praia dos Anjos. The whole journey by boat takes about 3-4 hours.

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