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Regardless of whether you're visiting the charming Antalya for its rich cultural and historical heritage or for its turquoise water beaches, you're guaranteed to have a great time while moving around this travel destination with ease. Buses, trams, and shuttles from $0.6 to $1.75, or a taxi ride for $28 will get you to the city without needing to spend a lot. The best way to get there is by taking the Havas bus or booking an Antalya Airport Transfer through Mozio.

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Antalya Key Information

As one of the most popular spots in Turkey, Antalya is a leader in the tourism industry with a fusion of history and modernity. This fairytale destination presents a wide range of attractions from the great Taurus Mountains to the emerald beaches all along the Mediterranean Sea leading to historical sites of former empires which makes it one of the most unique must-visit places in the world.

The tricky part

One thing that might cause confusion for travellers in the fact that Antalya in the capital city of a district with the same name. As a result, throughout research on the places and destinations that you want to visit is a must. And you should really differentiate between going to Antalya the city or another city within the Antalya district that can sometimes be 5 to 6 hours away.

Also please know that some places like the old town in Antalya city are not reachable by cars or public transportation, so we advise to either rent a bicycle or just walk around the town and enjoy its wonders.

While younger generations speak English, most people in Antalya only speak Turkish so make sure to learn a sentence or two to help you out during your stay in the country.

Also make sure you get you’re A-Kart and charge it with liras regularly to save time, money, and confusion. However, please keep in mind that these cards are only available at the fare card booths at different stations from 7:30 am (10 am on Sunday) until 7 pm, so make sure to get yours at the right time.

Although currencies like dollar and Euros can be accepted in Antalya, the main transactional currency is the Turkish lira, especially for souks, markets, or for charging your A-Kart. So it is recommended to exchange your cash to the local currency, or you can just use your credit card in most situations.

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Getting to Antalya

Transportation to Antalya is probably one of the things that you should not worry about thanks to the Antalya airport that provides easy access to the city center.

You can travel by bus, taking line number 600 operating every 30 minutes from 6 AM to 1:15 with two night journeys at 03:45 AM and 04:45, the 800 bus line available every 30 minutes from 6:10 AM until 11:40 PM. Both rides will each cost only 4TL ($0.59) or 3.6 TL ($0.6) using the Antalya Kart (A-kart) for travelers on a budget. However, if you wish to take a more comfortable journey, you can use the Havas Shuttle at a relatively higher price of 10TL ($1.75), going to the city center from the Antalya Airport will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

You can also use the tram from the airport to the city center, for the same fare of 4TL ($0.59) or 3.6 TL ($0.6) using the Antalya Kart (A-kart), available every 10 to 20 minutes operating from 6 AM until midnight. The ride will only take about 40 minutes using either the traditional or the modern tram line.

However, if you can’t wait to reach your hotel room and get some rest, a taxi will get you there in 40 minutes for a fare starting from 192TL ($28).

Renting a car is also a recommended alternative, with a renting price starting from 90TL ($13), driving on your own will allow you the opportunity to discover the city and get to your destination on your own pace while enjoying the different attractions along the way. You can reach Antalya from Istanbul via the D650 highways, from Ankara through the D695 highway and from Antalya airport using the D685 Highway.

You can also use the boat to get to Antalya from Greece arriving in Marmaris for a price starting from 652TL ($95), then the Bus to Antalya. Or you can also take the ferry from the Greek island Kastellorizo starting from 515TL ($75).

Belek: This Paradise escape of Antalya, provides you with the perfect combination of activities for people with different interests. Whether you are a fan of archaeology and history, a golf lover, or someone who is simply looking for relaxation, Belek is your best pick! You can reach Belek simply via a direct Bus from Antalya available every two hours with a price starting at 14TL ($2). However, if you wish to have a smoother ride to your destination, a taxi is the perfect option for you for a fare starting at 200TL ($29).

Old Town (Kaleiçi): If you’re a fan of unique architecture, you should definitely get lost in the maze of the Old town in Antalya and enjoy the traditional Turkish architecture including mosques, parks, and different buildings. You can simply reach this wonderful town via taxi for an average cost starting from 70TL ($10). Or take the Airport Bus number 600 (every 30 minutes) or 800 (every 2 hours) for a single ticket fare of 4TL ($0.59).

Kemer: Dive into nature and pebble beaches and enjoy picturesque sceneries in the lovely seaside town Kemer. From national parks to Greco-Roman ruins of Phaselis, you’re in for an adventure of a lifetime by the mythical Yanartaş rock formation. You can choose to either get there by bus if you’re on a tight budget for a fairly cheap and a two-hour journey (Twice daily) for a cost starting from 7TL ($1.02) or opt for the more comfortable option of taking a taxi for a cost starting from 275TL ($40).

Photo by Mert Kahveci on Unsplash

The Frugal Option

One of the best ways to get to different places in Antalya is through public transportation using the fare card. Busses, for example, have routes that pass through all the major destinations and tourist spots in Antalya making it the perfect way to visit every part of the city without breaking your budget for an initial 1-way ticket fare costing 2TL ($0.29) for short distance travels, and the double for longer rides.

The tram is also a very cheap alternative for faster journeys for the same price as the bus. Both tram lines, Heritage Tram and AntRay Light Rail run every 10 to 20 minutes from 6 AM to midnight between the bus terminal Otogar and the city center. One important tip! If you are planning on using public transportation often, you should definitely consider saving money by buying the Antalya Kfor 5TL ($0.73) and charge it with Turkish lira. This will allow you to get 10% discounts on the ticket fare.

Private Transfer Options

There is a wide range of options for private vehicles from Antalya airport to the city center. The average price of a taxi starts at 192TL ($28), while private transfers can have a cost starting at around 170.39TL ($25) for a sedan, 177,20TL ($26) for a private van, and 238,54TL ($35) for a private bus for large groups. Booked through Mozio, local operator My Transfers offers All Inclusive service free of worries for a guaranteed comfortable arrival using Antalya Airport Transfer.

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The Mozio Recommendation

If you are on a budget, then public transportation is your go-to option. Thanks to the Antalya Kart (A-kart) you can get to the city center of Antalya for only 3.6 TL ($0.6) using the 600 or 800 bus operating every 30 minutes even the Tram. You can also opt for a slightly more comfortable alternative for 10 Liras ($1.75) using the Havas Shuttle operating every 2 hours

However, if you had a long flight and you have more than two pieces of luggage, a taxi ride will be ideal for a 30 to 40-minute comfortable journey that gets you straight to your accommodation no matter what time your flight lands.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the airport and too tired to look for a way to get to your destination as safe as possible, you can book a private Antalya Airport Transfer with a driver from My Transfers in partnership with Mozio that will meet you inside the airport at your terminal, help you with your luggage and drop you off at your hotel in no time for a cost starting at around 170.39TL ($25) for a sedan, 177,20TL ($26) for a private van, and 238,54TL ($35) for a private bus for large groups.

Moving AROUND Antalya

Getting around your destination is easy thanks to the public transportation system in Turkey. Whether it is through buses or trams, depending on your location, you will easily be able to reach your desired travel destination. Just keep in mind that the working hours of the tram are from 6 AM until midnight.

Photo by Dragana Novoselska on Unsplash

The Frugal Option

The main bus station in Antalya is the Otogar bus station (bus terminal) which is considered to be the transportation hub of Antalya and the entire mid-coast Mediterranean region. It provides easy access to the Antalya airport through airport busses available every hour. You can also use the tram to reach the city center using the AntRay which is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest available alternative at the terminal.

At the bus station it is important to know the difference between city busses and airport shuttles as it is important to know that although city busses have routes all over the city, the only way you can reach airport is through an airport bus 600 or 800 or shuttle from Otigar Bus terminal.

Bus fares depend on the distance of the journey and the location:

  • Antalya to Belek: 14TL ($2)
  • Antalya to Kemer: 41TL ($7)
  • Antalya to Serik: 7TL ($1)
  • Antalya to Akseki: 27TL ($4)
  • Antalya to Korkuteli: 20TL ($3)

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Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz on Unsplash

Car Rental Options

Many famous car rental brands operate in Antalya, including Hertz, Sixt, Europcar, enterprise, Rent Go, Avis, Budget, National, etc. All these agencies had have branches in Antalya and you can rent your car at the bus terminal, the Antalya airport or in the city center. However, it is highly advisable that you don’t rent a car to reach the city center since the traffic and the rare parking spacing will definitely make it hard to enjoy your trip.

Car parking starts at a cheap price of 100TL ($15) which can get cheaper the longer the rental period gets. Bear in mind that almost all agencies require an initial deposit at the time of signing the rental contract. Make sure to abide by the parking restrictions and the road signs as they are taken very seriously by the municipalities.

Day Trips Around Antalya


Don’t miss out on the little Mediterranean Pearl and walk around its vintage shops while enjoying its cozy vibe. Whether it’s the turquoise beaches, the amazing mountain hikes, the sunset from the top of the ancient amphitheater, or the amazing food, Kas is a small town with a lot to offer. A taxi-bus combination will be the perfect transportation for you! Just take a taxi to the bus station (otogar), for around 40TL ($5.81) then the bus (runs every hour) to Kas for 15TL ($2.70) for a duration of 4 hours. Another very comfortable option is to hire your personal driver through Mozio with their local partner Viper Shuttle starting at $125 for a sedan for 4 passengers.


Historical attractions are the highlight of this destination, combined with the vast Taurus Mountains and beautiful coastline making it one of the most beautiful places to visit of the Turkish Riviera. It takes about 1.5 hours to get there by bus for a cost starting at 20.34LT ($3), and by taxi for 339TL ($50) if you wish to have a smoother ride. You can get there in comfort prebooking your private driver with My Transfers in partnership with Mozio with rates starting at $37 for a sedan for up to 4 passengers.


If you are a Golf fan and you like losing yourself in nature, you can just visit Serik from Antalya city center by bus for a cost starting at 6.78LT ($1). Or you can just take a taxi for a price starting at 196.1LT ($29). You can prebook a private professional driver to get you there and come search for you at the end of the day with Viper Shuttle in partnership with Mozio for fares starting at $26 for up to 4 passengers.


If you wish to visit a unique destination, with red rooftops all along the mountain roads, we recommend that you take a day trip to Alanya and discover its wonders. Just make sure that you visit the red tower and discover the caves for an adventure of a lifetime. It takes almost 2.5 hours to get there from Antalya city center by bus for a basic fare starting from 20.34LT ($3), or you can choose the comfortable taxi ride costing around 644.24LT ($95).

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