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Latest Via Canarias reviews

Real Mozio customers recently posted the following reviews after they took a ride with Via Canarias.

1/5 stars
1. It was on Saturday and not on Sunday. 2. Cafe Ritazza is on Teneriffa South and not airport north. So we had trouble to find the driver!!!! 3. The ride was a desaster!!!!! The driver was breaking about 3 times for one kilometer. He needed more than one lane because he was going from left to right (noise on the right). The elderly driver was not drunk but we think it could have been that he forgot his glasses and could not see properly or he was stoned like smoked pot or had medicine. I was praying in the back that no accident will happen - it was awful!!!
5/5 stars
1/5 stars
Un traslado orible.
1/5 stars
Pues que se equivocaron de aeropuerto, nosotros llegamos a los Rodeos y ellos, por error, nos esperban en el Sofía, casi nada. Menos mal que una persona muy amable, al parecer encargada de otras operadoras nos lo arregló y nos llevaron en un taxi, sin coste alguno, hasta el Puerto de la Cruz.
5/5 stars
1/5 stars
Vettura molto vecchia senza aria condizionata
5/5 stars
On time and Smooth
5/5 stars
Thank you. I am like.
5/5 stars
Relaxed driver, fast service, made us aware not to forget our jackets when we left the taxi (had a perfect bus for a family with 4 kids)
3/5 stars
There was no card with my name, so I have to call to mozio to find out where driver is. Cell rouming in Tenerife is high enough, so I lost about 10$(((

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