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Latest Unic Transfers reviews

Real Mozio customers recently posted the following reviews after they took a ride with Unic Transfers.

5/5 stars
su habilidad para socializar y muy majo
5/5 stars
The driver punctuamy waited for us with the table and our names. The service was very good.
5/5 stars
Nos gustó la amabilidad del chófer en los viajes de ida y de vuelta
3/5 stars
The driver was very punctual, the vehicle was clean and the driver drove safely and well. Unfortunately she dropped us at the wrong terminal at Madrid airport (T4 instead of T2). This necessitated a bus trip with all our luggage to get to the correct terminal. We were not happy.
3/5 stars
Ride was 30 min late and car was different than ordered (for 11 people instead of normal car). But the driver was very nice and helpful.
1/5 stars
Driver never came
1/5 stars
el transfer no aparecio y nos encontramos varados en el aeropuerto sin traslados y en plena huelga de taxis, al consultar via mail con la empresa que figuraba en la reserva nos dijeron. que la misma habia sido cancelada.
1/5 stars
The driver never showed up! We were waiting at 8:10 am for an 8:15 pick up. We waited until 8:30 and no driver. We called the 3 contact telephone numbers to no avail. And the driver never emailed or texted my contact info with an explanation. I need to check that I was not charged for the non-ride.
1/5 stars
Our flight got into Barcelona at 12:14PM and they didn't schedule pick-up until 1:30PM. We were walking out of the Baggage Claim at 1:05PM. I called them and they said they would be there in 15 minutes. They didn't show up until 1:40PM. So they were even late for their original pick-up time. After flying for over 14 hours, you sure do not want to be waiting for your ride. As a travel agent, I was so distressed, thinking of what if this had been my clients. As much as I have personally traveled, this has never happened to me before.
4/5 stars
Nice trip, the driver was a bit late when we arived in BCN. Everything was fine going back to the airport from the hotel !

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