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Real Mozio customers recently posted the following reviews after they took a ride with TMTS.

4/5 stars
En kortere ventetid!!! vi ventede i over 1 time, chaufførren var meget venlig og hjælpsom. ventetiden bør der gøres noget ved!!!!
1/5 stars
We got dropped off about a 15 minute walk from our hotel in the middle of the night. We had no internet connection for maps and nothing of use to guide us to our hotel. We had two heavy bags each and finally found a taxi to take us to our hotel.
3/5 stars
I book through Agoda and make a reschedule, Mozio should tell Agoda that reschedule is not allowed, I have to spend 3 hours at the airport to wait for the next pick up
5/5 stars
the driver eas polite and on time.
1/5 stars
My pick-up time was planned to be at 11:30, but when I arrived (at around 11:15) at counter in the airport I was told that they expected me to arrive at 11 at the latest and I had therefore missed my shuttle. The guy who was supposed to handle my booking didn’t speak English, so someone else had to help me, and I was told that my other option was to take a taxi and keep the receipt to later request a refund, but the person who helped me translate got me on another shuttle that left at 13. So I had to wait around 1,5 hours. Terrible service and the guy (who didn’t speak English) was very rude.
1/5 stars
the representative were not at the desk most of the time, after more than 45 minutes a driver came and call us. we went with for more than 5 mnutes just to find that we are not in his lists. he couldnt take us and we didnt knew the way back to your desk. we were so upset and we had no choice but to take another taxi which cost us 50 euro. we want to have our money back
2/5 stars
Long wait at the airport. No AC on board. git dropped a couple blocks away from my destination (and no, it was nit an alleyway the van couldn’t navigate). Received no help to unload luggage frim van other than that the trunk was opened for me. I did arrive in one piece. So that was a plus.
5/5 stars
5/5 stars
5/5 stars

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