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Real Mozio customers recently posted the following reviews after they took a ride with TC2SA.

5/5 stars
5/5 stars
5/5 stars
safe driving in rush hour traffic
5/5 stars
Sehr freundlicher Fahrer. War pünktlich am vereinbarten Treffpunkt.
5/5 stars
5/5 stars
my first experience with Agoda Mozio , MOZ1666657, was so lovely that i registered directly with Mozio, became a member , download the app and booked the rest of my land tranfers with you. now i have a list of trips in queue!
5/5 stars
Everything was perfect. Thank you very much!
2/5 stars
The driver could have at least offer to assist with the luggage to the car, however no assistance was offered. Have been using many transfer companies and first time experiencing such service. Name card written on a plain piece of A4 wrinkled paper, no company logo to identify if it is indeed the driver working for the company, no company ID card presented or identifiable uniform. Although driver did indeed call and send message while waiting for my luggage to confirm he is there waiting and personality was at least friendly. This is the only positive feedback I can give. A lot of room for improvement to meet up with their competitors services.
1/5 stars
He had been waiting for 2 hours for me. Then didn't know how to get there, firstly we sat outside the airport for 20 minutes so he could look at his phone the stopped in a live lane of the motorway to look again, he park as far away from the terminal as possible, I am disabled, and he kept asking me to find the best route on his phone I'm registered blind
4/5 stars
sehr freundlich und verständvoll.

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