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Real Mozio customers recently posted the following reviews after they took a ride with Taxio.

4/5 stars
我的飛機延誤了, 但仍在等待我, 非常感謝! 唯一壞處是上車點較遠,要步行五分鐘至另一邊停車場
1/5 stars
Driver did not turn up at Kolkatta Air port to pick me up for my flight from Bengaluru to Kolkatta no 6E 433 on 19 Jun 19 nor did he come to take me from park Hotel to Air port on 21 Jun 19 for flight no 6E958
3/5 stars
I paid online a taxi from Goa Airport to WelcomHeritage Hotel Goa, the driver was professinal, thanks for him services, but the boss requested 150 INR plus and I dont know why. Please, tell to the customers the price and dont change it.
1/5 stars
Well. There was no driver waiting for me at arrival at the exit of Dabolim airport. After 15min I called the number from my confirmation mail. Talked to a woman who did not even say her name. She said I had to contact the driver my self. I dont think thats my job! She wasnt much interested in me. After 30min a guy arrived. Brought me to a driver. No one really seems to know where my destination was. After a hectic drive, crossing construction sites, etc i finally arrived to Santana Beach Resort. I should have used the airports prepaid taxi service, at half the price. Regards Bjørn Petersen
5/5 stars
5/5 stars
On time pick up. Condition of the cab was good and it was clean as well. Driver was professional and friendly. Overall it was a good experience for me.
4/5 stars
1/5 stars
The driver was late! I had to ring him to see where he was, and he didn't excuse himself.... kept saying it was because of the traffic .... Never that company again!
5/5 stars
the driver was so friendly!
5/5 stars
It was really smooth.

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