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Latest Taximeether Service Limited Partnership reviews

Real Mozio customers recently posted the following reviews after they took a ride with Taximeether Service Limited Partnership.

1/5 stars
1h de retard
5/5 stars
3/5 stars
they werent waiting for me but after a few calls sent someone. they did offer a free ride after though
5/5 stars
1/5 stars
they did not show up. after 30min, a local taxi came. that did not have room for our luggage either. this is unaccaptable, not showing up on time or at all and not what we payed for.
5/5 stars
organisme a l’ecoute. nous avions un probleme avec notre hotel et ils nous ont bien aidé. je recommande !!
5/5 stars
5/5 stars
Excellent service! We arrived at night on a delayed flight but I messaged them on Whatsapp and they swiftly responded. I also had some issues as my resort only provided speedboat transfers until 6pm. But the taxi company was much more helpful than the resort and helped answer my questions. They also brought me to a hotel near the pier so I could take the speedboat the next day. The taxi company even checked me after that to make sure I arrived on the island safely. Great people!!!
5/5 stars
puntuale e auto comoda
5/5 stars

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