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5/5 stars

2/5 stars

pickup fron the airport was good, they were there waiting when we arrived. everyone was friendly. however, even though this company advertises that they track your flight for delays, they do not. so when my return flight was delayed for 3 hours, they did not change pickup time nor did they respond to requests to change pickup time or come back later. So needless to say, they did not drive us to the airport and no compensation was provided even though they did not provide the service for which we paid. (which is way overpriced)

2/5 stars

They were not coming correct time. It was 1.5 hours earlier!!! Too bad experience :(

5/5 stars

4/5 stars

rien à redire sur le trajet. un peu difficile à trouver à l'arrivee à l'aeroport

5/5 stars

Great ride Noé! Lovely chatting. I booked the car for 10.30pm and arrived 20 mins earlier and he was already there, super smooth and super comfortable

5/5 stars

le service , le temps propre

5/5 stars

They didn't go to pick up me.

1/5 stars

les envié un correo con mi descargo. pesimo

5/5 stars

He was early, friendly, safe driver and the vehicle was clean.

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