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Latest Reliable Luxury Car And Limousine Service reviews

Real Mozio customers recently posted the following reviews after they took a ride with Reliable Luxury Car And Limousine Service.

5/5 stars
driver was on time and got us thru to jfk really quickly
5/5 stars
Fantastico👍 o motorista foi extraordinario na simpatia e fez tudo para chegar rapidamente ao aeroporto. tambem o operador do atendimento foi incansavel em encontrar a solucao para o facto de me ter enganado e ter feito a reserva para uma data errada. muito obrigado a toda a equipa.
5/5 stars
1/5 stars
Driver was texting, checking email and driving erratically (heading towards the barrer once). He talked loudly on the phone for the majority of the journey. He took a video phone call during the journey while we were on a major highway. His engine warning light kept coming on and the car was vibrating heavily. At the end he quite aggressively asked for a tip as well.
1/5 stars
Waiting for one hour, having to find the driver (as opposed to beeing greeted at the exit), handling the luggage myself, and all this with a tired child after an overseas flight. Not sure what I paid for, certainly not what was advertised.
5/5 stars
Excellent driver. Great service.
4/5 stars
Some difficulties at the pickup in finding the driver, but all in all a very good service.
2/5 stars
driver very rude abd bearly crashed twice
5/5 stars
very fine
5/5 stars

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