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Latest NYC Airporter reviews

Real Mozio customers recently posted the following reviews after they took a ride with NYC Airporter.

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The driver was extremely rude when i asked a question as to where he would be dropping us off in NYC. He said there are only 2 drop off locations. When he dropped us off, he dropped us off at the location furthest from are hotel. And when i asked how we get closerto the hotel his response was "I dont really care, take a taxi or walk". It was also pouring down the rain and the drop off area was in a very bad part of town late at night. Needless to say, it was NOT a good experience at all!!
2/5 stars
the driver is a mad men. he drives very hard and irresponsible.
1/5 stars
It's hard to find the kiosk. The driver was not friendly he was screaming about everyone and he forgot a suitcase on the sidewalk. He drove all the way in phone
4/5 stars
the bus was on time and the driver was very nice. after booking, the website indicated we needed to print our tickets, so i did. however, these were vouchers, not tickets. it did not tell us we needed to redeem the vouchers for tickets. we missed the first bus due to this. when i called for assistance, they told me where to catch the bus but could not tell me where to redeem the voucher. the instructions need to be a lot more specific on how the entire process works. luckily there was someone at the airport that knew what we needed and helped us. also, all of the documents said we were using NYC Airporter. our bus was marked as golden express. we had no idea that was our bus.
5/5 stars
When I arrived 15 minutes early at the bus stop on 41st, between 3rd Ave and Lexington Ave, it was snowing. The bus stop attendant showed me the corner food shop and asked me to wait inside the building because it was cold outside. He said he would call me when the bus arrived. He is very kind.
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1/5 stars
The ticket was wrong. The name of the bus was ‘Golden touch’ and my ticket had the name ‘NYC Porter’, so, it was impossible to find. All the drivers said to me they didn’t know. Bad information for the tourist arriving to the airport.
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1/5 stars
Misled on when, where and how. Shuttle service could not be used based on misinformation

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