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Latest Kshuttle reviews

Real Mozio customers recently posted the following reviews after they took a ride with Kshuttle.

5/5 stars
Our driver Mr. Park was awesome!
4/5 stars
Although the driver ended up being at the wrong terminal for my arrival transfer (despite providing my flight details!), he quickly rectified that and was very apologetic and friendly. My return transfer was great.
5/5 stars
drver was there to pick me up even though flight arrived an hour early. texted me meet up location and had sign with my name. fabulous service.
4/5 stars
I saw my name posted on the bars in front of the arrival but no one was holding my name so I went to buy a sim card first. When I got back, the name sign was gone so I contacted the contact person. The other driver kept insisting until the end of our trip that we're almost late from the waiting time well infact, we booked the transfer an hour after our arrival time so we don't have to hurry and there's a 1 hour grace period upon the booked time. They based the time according to the arrival of our plane (which arrived a little bit earlier than expected) It was honestly a bit off, but the transfer from the airport to our hotel was perfectly fine nonetheless.
1/5 stars
2/5 stars
Good driver. The driver Can speak English, but Mozio cervice - awfull. Next time, no any taxi orders.
5/5 stars
5/5 stars
1/5 stars
the driver was late almost an hour and didn't pick up his phone when i called him. very irresponsible. and the assistance from the Mozio help centre was impolite. so terrible. the assistance said to me....there is many replacement transport so don't blame about the delay. so sucks😡😡😡
5/5 stars

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