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Kabit Reviews

3/5 stars

the ride was great, the service and how it is setup is terrible

1/5 stars

our driver was rude. Would not accept the printed confirmation paperwork and number. Called his boss and told him the wrong confirmation number and them made us pay.

1/5 stars

i did not use your service

5/5 stars

on time, friendly, and got us to the airport in time for our flight

5/5 stars

prompt and clean. professional

1/5 stars

never met the fucking taxi

1/5 stars

No AC inside the Cap. The driver said his car was heating up. we took another cap and the driver said the same thing. I'll never yake a cap with this company again.

4/5 stars

84.00 total to be picked up in a hatchback cab not even a sedan. the ride was 7 min each way. a lil expensive for nothing. however, the process and service was good. we had a 15 min wait when we arrived. they were on time for pick up. both drivers nice ppl. CSR called to confirmed our arrivals and departures. the communication is great.

1/5 stars

The driver was fantastic, the Mozio app is misleading. I was told through the app that I would have a Dodge charger or something similar pick me up, instead all I received was a shitty car that was a regular taxi cab nothing different and I ended up paying double for the ride as opposed to a regular flat fee the cabs charge.

5/5 stars

driver was on time, very pleasant and helpful

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