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Latest Kabit reviews

Real Mozio customers recently posted the following reviews after they took a ride with Kabit.

3/5 stars
the ride was great, the service and how it is setup is terrible
1/5 stars
our driver was rude. Would not accept the printed confirmation paperwork and number. Called his boss and told him the wrong confirmation number and them made us pay.
1/5 stars
i did not use your service
5/5 stars
on time, friendly, and got us to the airport in time for our flight
5/5 stars
prompt and clean. professional
1/5 stars
never met the fucking taxi
4/5 stars
84.00 total to be picked up in a hatchback cab not even a sedan. the ride was 7 min each way. a lil expensive for nothing. however, the process and service was good. we had a 15 min wait when we arrived. they were on time for pick up. both drivers nice ppl. CSR called to confirmed our arrivals and departures. the communication is great.
5/5 stars
driver was on time, very pleasant and helpful
5/5 stars
1/5 stars
The driver called, I answered and never heard a voice from the other line. I called back and the phone line was not doing very well. I got a text message that he will leave in 5 minutes. That can't be he has 15 minutes still to wait. In short, the driver left. We called their office but we were re-directed to the wrong booth at the airport that has nothing to do with the booking. We called three different numbers and all we got are voice recordings. We ended up getting a cab from the airport. Terrible experience for a first-time booking with Kabit through Agoda. Agoda will not help. They give you to the ride's number. We booked with Agoda but they will not deal with you. They would say they are third parties. I do not recommend.

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