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5/5 stars

good service

5/5 stars

前日に、ドライバーさんから連絡を頂き、メッセージやwechatで写真付きで待ち合わせ場所をやりとりできます! 時間通りにスムーズに旅行が進み、本当に助かりました!

5/5 stars

No issues, even when we missed the driver we were able to contact and reconnect :-)

5/5 stars

2/5 stars

again no one to meet me when they were supposed to

5/5 stars

2/5 stars

we have used Mozio before on several occasions when travelling internationally and althougbthis was the most expensive at £70 it was the worst experience by far! The driver was late and had clearly not tracked our flight which arrived on time. Mozio had yold us he would phone us 15 minutes after landing but we had no communication from the driver whatsoever. when we phoned the emergency number there was no reply. There were many drivers holding name signs in arrival hall A but not mine. I contacted mozio chat and shortly afterwards the driver phoned my mobile - I noticed him as he got closer coming towards us from the entrance so clearly not waiting in arrival hall A as planned. He then took a photograph of our luggage!!and seemed to be in a bad mood so I explained to him that we are travelking with three hold luggage and two hand luggage as we are on a long trip which is why we bookex the car we booked on mozio which was for four pax with 4 cases to make sure it was big enough. He never offered to help with tge kuggage trolleys which other mozio drivers have done at half the price of this ride. He hardly spoke at all on our 40 minute journey to our hotel, no music on the radio and an awful atmosphere. He seemed to think he was collecting two people with hardlt any luggage but the mozio ad says 4 cases etc. He had no bottled water for us as other mozio drivers have had and his own drinks cans etc were in the central storage. Not pleasant or welcoming at all so would not use again. Consequently we have arranged a local taxi for our next journey to our second hotel.Most disappointing when travelling so far from the UK to be in Hong Kong!

5/5 stars

5/5 stars

Awesome service!!

5/5 stars

Travis was outstanding. the entire service was flawless, despite my flight arriving almost 3 hours late. i will reccomend your services to all my friends! Again, Travis was the best.

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