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Latest Eros Bus reviews

Real Mozio customers recently posted the following reviews after they took a ride with Eros Bus.

5/5 stars
It was great.
5/5 stars
5/5 stars
3/5 stars
indication correcte pour rejoindre l'hôtel!
1/5 stars
posso.. na viagem de ida apesar do o imenso atraso cercade 2:30 H DEPOIS LÁ CHEGAMOS ao hotel na viagem de volta estava na paragem marcada e à hora marcada, e não apareceu ninguem para nos levar ao aeroporto 1:30 H depois fui à recepção do hotel que me fizeram o favor de ligar para a Eros bus e informaram que já tinham ido embora e que não voltavam e para me desenrascar aproveito para deste modo solicitar o estorno do valor do transfer da volta pois tive que recorrer a outros meios para chegar ao aeroporto, e tive sorte que o voo atrasou 35 min.
1/5 stars
I ended up waiting in front of the bus stop for over an hour and feeling extremely helpless and confused. I arrived in the bus stop as soon as possible. For your service you mentioned that the bus would wait for me at least an hour, which I think I made it even though my flight was delayed. But when I arrived, there is no one there. I had rang the emergency number but no one answered. I had no idea if it was because of my SIM card. I couldn't understand why this happened. Even though I informed you about my flight was delayed which might be the reasons for all this mess, you should be as least online to help me ,or otherwise what is the meaning for me to tell you my approximate landing time? Yesterday's situation really upset me. It's been a long way for me to make it here so I decided to use your service to avoid some shitty thing from happening.
5/5 stars
great value for money. would definitely use again

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