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AsterRIDE NYC Reviews

5/5 stars

Arrived on time Very helpful Great ride

5/5 stars

Todo perfecto, puntualidad i trato correcto

2/5 stars

My flight landed in time but needed to taxi long time Still there was nobody at the terminal I had to call centre to get it sorted. The driver made me pay another 23 $ Toll and tip as a must. The car was in very good condition. The driving was ok. The driver did not speak good understandable english.

4/5 stars

On time and courteous. But can do without the rap music. Easy listening music would be more professional.

5/5 stars

On time, friendly. Helped with the bags. Good driver.

5/5 stars

Great driver. He was very friendly, he helped with luggage, was very informative and made an otherwise boring journey (due to heavy traffic) a pleasant experience. Cannot rate him highly enough.

3/5 stars

Some hasling with the order number and A/C not ON in a car... Not sure if the route selection was due to avoid any toll costs...

4/5 stars

Très satisfaite du service

5/5 stars

On time, good driving

1/5 stars

1) miscommunication from my booking details to what was conveyed by the cab driver 2) Huge lack of professionalism by the driver. We were the only passengers waiting in the area and yet, the driver refused to identify us and we had to wait 10-12 minutes right next to the car. big disappointment with the bad behaviour of this driver

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