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Latest Aster Airport Shuttle reviews

Real Mozio customers recently posted the following reviews after they took a ride with Aster Airport Shuttle.

1/5 stars
They did not pick us up I had to pay another company to take us waited an hour before I rang them to ask why nobody has even contacted me they didnt have a clue left us to work it out ourself. Will never use them again want a full refund back
5/5 stars
very curtious and friendly driver
4/5 stars
The wait
5/5 stars
The service was great.
5/5 stars
friendly. on time. easy to use.
5/5 stars
2/5 stars
The actual ride went well. The driver was fun, engaging and quite curtious. The young man standing at the podium right across the street from the ticket booth was a little snit. He could probably use some lessons on how to engage with the public: He asked me where I was going. I knew the exact name of my hotel and the exact street where it was located but not the actual address. He told me there are many hotels with that name and that I needed the exact address. I explained to him that I researched and booked the hotel myself and knew for a fact that there were similiar names, but only one Hilton Grand Vacations on South Las Vegas Blvd. After a frustrating back and forth, I dug the information out for him. He then directed me to wait for the next bus. Then I went on to my next Bell/Aster Airport Shuttle customer service experience. From the booth to the bus, I missplaced my ticket. Probably in the verbal tussel I had with the podium kid. The bus driver said that I had to go back & get another, so I did. I explained to the the incredibly rude ticket agent named Josefina Romero that I had misplaced my ticket in the 10 foot walk from her booth to the podium. Josefina went on to say a lot of confusing things like, "I already gave you a ticket" & "I already crossed you off the list" and some other things I can't remember at this point. I explained that I was aware that she already gave me a ticket. I again explained that I misplaced it from her booth to the podium. She insisted upon going on about things I didn't need to know or things I already knew. In the meantime the full bus was waiting for me to return with my ticket. Josefina finally said that I had to buy another ticket. I aksed her why when I coudn't possibly have used the last ticket in that short period of time? At first she didn't seem to have an answer but then said that it was policy. I asked her to see said policy and she couldn't or wouldn't show it to me. Perhaps there is one but clearly she didn't know how to obtain it. Throughout my experience with Josefina she was just short, rude, and clearly lacked customer service skills. It might have been a different story if there was a line waiting but it was late at night and only one other person needing at ask a questionn about the taxi service and said she didn't mind waiting. I finally I bought another ticket & found my original in my bag when I arrived at the hotel. The extra $8 doesn't bother me, though I do wonder why the ticket I pre purchased on line was $12, it's the systemic rudeness of your employees. Welcome to Las Vegas!
5/5 stars
5/5 stars
Pick up was a little late but yhat was to be expected. driver was great and I got to airport with plenty of time still
1/5 stars
i didnt ride with them. they werent available. refund requested

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