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Airport Direct - Iceland Reviews

5/5 stars

the drivers were lovely and so accomodating .

4/5 stars

Pickup from the Hotel did not turn up at booked time ,however , transport was provided. Fortunately I had allowed extra time incase there were any problems .Didn't get time to look around the airport shops.

3/5 stars

Would have been fine but our return journey early morning to the airport was disrupted because the doors on the minibus wouldn't close! we had ro change bus (which was very cold) to complete our journey. The driver did her best but was understandably frustrated and stressed. However, most importantly, we all got to the airport on time.

1/5 stars

I had originally booked a different airport transfer before I booked this Airport Direct one through opodo. I cancelled that because they couldn't pick me up from my hotel. It turns out these guys also couldn't pick me up from my hotel even though nobody notified me, and their price was much higher than the other coy for the same service. I had to call them myself to find out! but then it was too late to cancel. My daughter & I still had to walk at 4.15am in the biting snow to the same bus stop as the other coy. To make it worse, Grayline Iceland coach turned up well on time while Airport Direct were late, by 10 mins! Infuriating, to say the least!!

4/5 stars

les chauffeurs sont un peu "speed" mais a l'heure et efficace. bon rapport qualité prix

5/5 stars

On time no worries

3/5 stars

+Nette bus, chauffeur kleine bus maakte er een gezellige boel van - overstappen in kleine busjes ging rommelig. Ik werd naar een busje gestuurd en later moest ik daar weer uit. Ik had geboekt voor afzetten voor het hotel, maar werd er ergens uitgezet. Chauffeur kon mij niet vertellen waar het hotel was en scheurde weg. Daar sta je dan. Gelukkig tegenwoordig google maps en toen was het nog 10 minuten lopen. Vreemde gang van zaken.

2/5 stars

1. I was booked for a bus at arrival 1530. So i had also booked a bus to blue lagoon at 1730 and tickets there for the same evening. Because i knew the drive from the Airport to Reykjavík downtown was 45 min. But at the Airport i was told by Airport direct that the 1530 bus sa cancled and we had to wsit for the 1600 bus insted. Now we starte to loose time to hold schedcule. 2. I though this was a direct buss between the hotel and the Airport. But we had to change bus at downtown central. When we where drop off at the central, there where No other buses waiting to take us to the hotel. Insted we was waiting unknowingly when our bus would arrive. After some time it started popping up drivers asking if there was any passengers going to different hotels. So i was waiting for a driver to shout out Fosshótel Reykjavík. Butt Insted a driver shoutet out "busstopp 10, 11, 12, 13" I had No idea i then was supposed to go to bus stop 12 that was fosshotel Reykjavík. Because there was No information in my order in bus direct that im going to fosshótel Reykjavík busstop 12.. I only find out when i asked this stresse out bus driver if one of these stops was fosshótel Reykjavík. 3. When we finaly got on this bus, it tok forever to go from the central to our hotel. We was stressing Looking at the clock if we where gonna make it to our next bus for blue lagoon. Finaly at 1740 we where at our hotel. 2 hours and 40minutes after we arrive at the Airport. We sprinter in and checked in and throw off our bags. Then sprinter from the hotel to the buscentral when we heard that the bus was leaving from the central at 1800. We barely made it, sweaty and tired. This was a bad start for my Iceland experience. Stress, Unsure, tired and irritated. Please in the future, informe ur passanger about buschanges, what busstop there hotel is located at and estimater time at arrival at hotel from Airport. Best regards Fredrik Hansen

5/5 stars

5/5 stars

Frasey was a wonderful driver, he qad there waiting for me, helped me with my bags after a really long journey and got me to my hotel quickly and safely :)

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