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About Us

Founded in 2012, Mozio was born out of CEO David Litwak’s experiences travelling to over 60 countries and struggling to find the best local options for getting around.

A technology company at heart, Mozio is focused on helping connect customers, local companies, and global travel brands to turn what can be one of the most confusing parts of any trip – getting to and from the airport - into a delightful experience.

Whether by train, bus, shuttle, sedan, taxi, limo, water taxi, motorcycle or helicopter, travelers using Mozio’s technology can search for and book the right option for them.

Mozio’s technology solutions enable travel brands to drive customer loyalty and effectively monetize on the “last mile” of every trip.

  • 2000+
    Airports Covered
  • 514
    Options in JFK
  • 1
    Tuk-tuk transfer options

Meet the Team

  • Picture of David Litwak
    Picture of David Litwak as a baby

    David Litwak
    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Picture of JJ Metzinger
    Picture of JJ Metzinger as a baby

    JJ Metzinger
    CTO & Co-Founder

  • Picture of Emre Mangir
    Picture of Emre Mangir as a baby

    Emre Mangir

  • Picture of Caio Landau
    Picture of Caio Landau as a baby

    Caio Landau
    Head of Mobile Development

  • Picture of Stefi Renzulli
    Picture of Stefi Renzulli as a baby

    Stefi Renzulli
    Head of Supply

  • Picture of John McGinty
    Picture of John McGinty as a baby

    John McGinty
    Head of Public Transit

  • Picture of Belu Ravaza
    Picture of Belu Ravaza as a baby

    Belu Ravaza
    Operations and HR

  • Picture of Francisco Rivera
    Picture of Francisco Rivera as a baby

    Francisco Rivera

  • Picture of Artem Artemev
    Picture of Artem Artemev as a baby

    Artem Artemev

  • Picture of Mariano Galan
    Picture of Mariano Galan as a baby

    Mariano Galan

  • Picture of Pieter Hamman
    Picture of Pieter Hamman as a baby

    Pieter Hamman

  • Picture of Juanjo Conti
    Picture of Juanjo Conti as a baby

    Juanjo Conti

  • Picture of Gonzalo Almeida
    Picture of Gonzalo Almeida as a baby

    Gonzalo Almeida

  • Picture of Marcos Monti
    Picture of Marcos Monti as a baby

    Marcos Monti

  • Picture of Nicolas Jakubowski
    Picture of Nicolas Jakubowski as a baby

    Nicolas Jakubowski

  • Picture of Javi Romero
    Picture of Javi Romero as a baby

    Javi Romero

  • Picture of Daniel Ortiz Lira
    Picture of Daniel Ortiz Lira as a baby

    Daniel Ortiz Lira

  • Picture of Matias Bzurovski
    Picture of Matias Bzurovski as a baby

    Matias Bzurovski

  • Picture of Nicole Forson
    Picture of Nicole Forson as a baby

    Nicole Forson
    Business Development

  • Picture of Aida Sancho
    Picture of Aida Sancho as a baby

    Aida Sancho
    Business Development

  • Picture of Patrycja Szpakowska
    Picture of Patrycja Szpakowska as a baby

    Patrycja Szpakowska
    Business Development

  • Picture of Emil Gustavsson
    Picture of Emil Gustavsson as a baby

    Emil Gustavsson
    Business Development

  • Picture of Gachi Valfre
    Picture of Gachi Valfre as a baby

    Gachi Valfre
    Business Development

  • Picture of Abel Rebaudo
    Picture of Abel Rebaudo as a baby

    Abel Rebaudo
    Account Manager

  • Picture of Lola Cortese
    Picture of Lola Cortese as a baby

    Lola Cortese
    Customer Support

  • Picture of Maria Pineiro
    Picture of Maria Pineiro as a baby

    Maria Pineiro
    Customer Support

  • Picture of Celeste Lagazzi
    Picture of Celeste Lagazzi as a baby

    Celeste Lagazzi
    Customer Support

  • Picture of Julia Opl
    Picture of Julia Opl as a baby

    Julia Opl
    Customer Support

  • Picture of Pranali Malode
    Picture of Pranali Malode as a baby

    Pranali Malode
    Customer Support

  • Picture of Jeremias Padilla
    Picture of Jeremias Padilla as a baby

    Jeremias Padilla
    Customer Support

  • Picture of Cecilia Diaz
    Picture of Cecilia Diaz as a baby

    Cecilia Diaz
    Customer Support

  • Picture of Ezequiel Alloatti
    Picture of Ezequiel Alloatti as a baby

    Ezequiel Alloatti
    Customer Support

  • Picture of Roy George
    Picture of Roy George as a baby

    Roy George
    Customer Support

  • Picture of Alejandro Avila
    Picture of Alejandro Avila as a baby

    Alejandro Avila
    Customer Support

  • Picture of Angela Rojas
    Picture of Angela Rojas as a baby

    Angela Rojas
    Customer Support

  • Picture of Gonzalo Larraquy
    Picture of Gonzalo Larraquy as a baby

    Gonzalo Larraquy
    Customer Support

  • Picture of Oriana Sulbaran
    Picture of Oriana Sulbaran as a baby

    Oriana Sulbaran
    Customer Support

  • Picture of Romina Simonetti
    Picture of Romina Simonetti as a baby

    Romina Simonetti
    Customer Support

  • Picture of David Sierraalta
    Picture of David Sierraalta as a baby

    David Sierraalta
    Customer Support

  • Picture of Jessica Moyano
    Picture of Jessica Moyano as a baby

    Jessica Moyano
    Customer Support

  • Picture of Georgina Brown
    Picture of Georgina Brown as a baby

    Georgina Brown
    Customer Support